Actor Luis Gutierrez Manuel What Happened to Luis Manuel Gutierrez SaldanA, Actor?

Find out what happened to Luis Gutierrez Manuel, actor, and his companions during “The Wedding Night”‘ shooting.

Are you curious to find out what happened to the actors from the Wedding Night movie? Are you curious to find out why Luis Gutierrez Manuel has been trending in the news lately?

Keep reading to find out more about Luis Gutierrez Manuel, the Actor, and the reasons for this trend on the internet.

The actor’s tragic death left many fans across the globe disillusioned. Continue reading to find out more.

Information about the tragic accident that involved the Actors

Two actors, Luis Manuel Gutierrez and Marco Antonio Curiel were injured while filming for “Wedding Night”. Marco Antonio, one of the actors, died in a horrible accident, while Luis Gutierrez, the other actor, went missing.

Actor Luis, who is 47 years old, and the deceased actor Marco are 46 years. The actor, who was attempting to save his family from the tsunamis of the Pacific Ocean, managed to survive. Luis Manuel, the missing actor, is well-known for his work on the Banderola Tv series (2011). He was also a crew member on the 2011 TV series ‘There Be Dragons. He acted in Los desastres de la Guerra, A mini Tv series in 1983.

What happened to Luis Manuel Gutierrez SaldanA, Actor?

Unfortunately, the online platform does not provide much information about the disappearance of Luis Manuel. Luis and Marco took off Wednesday afternoon from their shooting to go to the Majahual island, which is located in San Miguel del Puerto.

According to local authorities, the group of friends decided to swim. One of their companions was killed when a huge wave swept towards them. Louis, the other actor, went missing. The navy is still looking for the missing actor.

What is Marco Antonio Y Luis Manuel trending online?

Both actors were tragically involved in an incident that led to them becoming a trending topic on the internet. Marco Antonio, one of the actors, died while Luis Manuel, a victim of the strong wave that swept over Oaxaca’s beach, is still missing.

Crew members expressed deep condolences to the family of the actor through a posting. Navy officials are still searching for Luis Manuel, the missing actor. The incident has been overturned and the third companion is now safe.

The Windup Declaration

According to the producer, the tragic accident that Luis Gutierrez Manuel and Marco Antonio had caused a lot of grief among the crew. The whole crew mourned the loss of Actor Marco Antonio.

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