Accident St Hyacinthe {July 2022} Check Incident Facts!

The report has researched and gathered details about the accident at St. Hyacinthe. The article also outlines the latest details of the incident.

Are you aware of the incident in Hyacinthe? The accident happened at around 9.30 AM (local hour). The accident claimed the life of a pedestrian. On the 22nd of July, 2022 (Thursday) morning the incident occurred in which a dump truck struck and killed a pedestrian.

Many people from Australia, the United StatesAustraliaand the United Kingdom read the news via news sites and social media. A lot of people have already responded to the incident. This article will look into the cause that led to Accident St Hyacinthe.

What do you know about the accident?

According to the report the incident took place near Avenue De La Concorde Nord. Witnesses stated in an account that the truck tried to turn around near the avenue. It was the area of work early in the morning. The truck suddenly was unable to control itself and hit the pedestrian.

Following the incident, police arrived at the scene of the accident. The team found that the pedestrian had been critically injured. The investigator Sergeant Audrey Anne Bilodeau later described the entire incident to the press. The team also initiated the investigation.

Saint Hyacinthe’s accident The aftermath

Following the incident the police transported injured victim to closest hospital. The health of the victim was critically ill. The medical team tried to save the victim. However, due to massive losses in blood, the patient was dead within one hour.

The police later stated that the victim’s age was close to sixty years old. However, police haven’t provided the other details of the victim on public forums. In the meantime, police inspected the area of the accident and the CCTV footage from the scene. In addition, the investigation is interrogating witnesses.

Accident St Hyacinthe– Present Situation

The story is also being circulated throughout Canada. The police have also reported that the woman was crossing the street when the truck attempted to turn. Because of the lack of control the dump truck struck her in the head with a severe impact. Police are trying to discuss the situation with the family members of the victim.

A witness later said that the truck tried to rescue the woman who was injured in the crash. However, the time was not right. In the end, the police saved the woman who was trapped in the truck and brought she to the hospital following the accident on St. Hyacinthe. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Why Do the News Believe in Hype?

Recently, a number of accidents have occurred in the country. The report states that numerous people have died in these incidents. However, it is unfortunate that the government was unable to take appropriate steps to prevent the tragedy from happening.

On contrary there are thousands of people who have posted and shared their thoughts on social media on the incident. Numerous news websites also published the news about the incident.


People are offering condolences and sympathies to the victim as well as extend their sympathy to the family of the victim. They are however not satisfied with the local authorities. The recent St Hyacinthe crash also raises questions about people’s safety on the roads.

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