A Comprehensive Guide to QuickBooks Hosting for your Businesses

QuickBooks hosting refers to installing a desktop or standard software version on a third-party cloud server. This mechanism allows remote access and data encryption. As an authorized user of the hosting site, you can access your financial information on Desktop as a Service from anywhere.

Most companies that have moved to digital accounting, and we’re using QB accounting software, have moved towards QuickBooks cloud for their business. Hosted QuickBooks is easy to integrate with your enterprise applications, and the software can be stored on a single cloud along with other business data. You will have to install your current QB Desktop version on a server’s network, which is hosted on the Internet, and it allows users to gain access to data from anywhere in the world. This makes your business more flexible and open to remote work, saving you costs in the longer run.

Different Styles of QuickBooks Hosting

  1. Dedicated Hosting

This type of QuickBooks hosting allows users to connect directly with the server or device on which the original QB application has been installed. The speed is much higher for delivery and access of this type.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Hosting

This hosting calls for one user to host the entire software and associated data. That one user can provide access to other team fellows; therefore, this is an ideal option for a business that follows an autocratic approach to a team.

  1. Alternate Hosting

One primary user gets connected to the hosting server in this type of QuickBooks hosting, and users get connected to their primary user.

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

  1. Data Safety

If your business goes through even a minor data breach, you can easily suffer significant financial and goodwill losses.

Your financial data is one of the most useful assets to your business, and the threats to cybersecurity and data security are increasing daily. The most common threats to accounting data are usually a result of negligence in local infrastructure. They can range from a malfunction in the hardware to the accidental deletion of a vital report made for the stakeholders. The QuickBooks Desktop Hosting service you sign-up with will protect your QuickBooks data from internal and external threats and ensure that your valuable data is highly secure in their data centers with power backup and 24/7 security. Your data gets backed up daily and becomes part of the record of multiple hosting provider servers on a cloud server.

  1. Let You Go Paperless

QuickBooks on Cloud provides you with a centralized database that can handle all your documentation requirements, and this can help you eliminate the need for traditional paper-based accountancy practices. With QuickBooks Hosting you can significantly cut down on paper costs and become more environmentally friendly in this era.

  1. Easy Integration With Other Applications

QuickBooks hosting is even compatible with various other applications and software. When hosted on the Cloud, Microsoft Office can be seamlessly integrated with your QuickBooks.

You can even easily integrate financing and e-commerce Apps, by hosting your QuickBooks on the cloud. All your vital data will get backed up by the cloud, and automatic invoicing and integration of the application can be ensured.


The QuickBooks Hosting provider like Apps4Rent provides easy integration into your systems, ensures high data security, improves your collaboration, and helps you minimize your overheads by enabling you to go paperless in your accounting department. Apart from that they even provide a service to migrate exchange to Office 365 with Magnificent Migration Assistance and 24/7 high-tech support.



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