7 Advantages of Heat Pumps That You Need to Know!

Heat pumps are a great alternative to gas boilers as they do not use any sort of fossil fuels. They absorb the heat in the surrounding air and ground and convert it into heat with the help of an exchanger.

The heat is then used to heat up water and warm the house. A heat pump consists of many components, including a compressor, exchanger, refrigerant, and many other parts.

A small amount of electricity is used. During the summers, the entire cycle can be reversed, and the heat pump is used as an air conditioner or cooler. If you install solar panels along with heat pumps, you can gain over 300% efficiency and effectiveness in the workflow. Let us now look at what makes heat pumps so great and why you should buy them.

1.  Lower running costs

Heat pumps are easier and more economical to tune as compared to systems based on combustion. Heat pumps are very energy efficient and can help you save a lot of money on your Utility Bidder energy bills. You can save up to £1500 per year.

2.  Low maintenance

Heat pumps do not require that much maintenance. You are simply getting them serviced once a year is more than enough. You can do this by yourself even. But if you get it checked by a professional, then they will check it every three years.

3.  Greater safety

Heat pumps are comparatively safer than conventional heating systems. They rely on electricity which makes them safer to manage and operate. They do not need to burn any gas or fuel to generate heat. However, they still have some safety concerns that must be addressed properly.

4.  Decreased carbon emissions

Heat pumps reduce carbon emissions and have an efficient conversion rate. They do not use any fuel, which makes them eco-friendly as no carbon dioxide is produced.

5.  Act as a cooling system as well

During the winters, heat pumps provide hot water and warm your house. But during the summers, they can act as an AC unit and cool your house.

6.  Long term investment

Heat pumps are a long time investment as they have a very long lifespan. They can work perfectly well for up to 50 years. If you maintain it properly and get it serviced, it can easily last up to 15 years.

This is why it is important to make a wise decision when purchasing your heat pump. Make sure you research the market and keep in mind all the options before you make the final decision.

7.  Eligible for the RHI scheme

The government provides two types of schemes to assist the installation of renewable heat systems, such as heat pumps. These government programs are part of a fossil-fuel-free homes scheme that aims to make every home free from fossil fuel consumption.

If you install heat pumps, you may be eligible to play under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which requests house owners and private property owners, and self-builders. The other scheme you can benefit from is the non-domestic renewable heat incentive.

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