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The guide outlines Wordle #368 that will assist players to find the five letter words that are paired with Aul.

Are you a fan of the internet-based game Wordle? If you’re a fan of the famous puzzle game, you may have the answer to Wordle #368 which was announced on June 22, 2022. The players from all over the world players are looking for the perfect five-letter word that will solve to the Wordle #368.

The game’s puzzles release every day a new riddle and gives participants six times to figure out the mystery. There are clues to be found and it is easy to identify the five letter word to solve daily questions.

Puzzle #368 asks players to find five letter words using Aul.

What are the Words Containing AUL?

After conducting an online search and offline, we came across a variety of five-letter words that contain AUL at the beginning, ending and middle. However, finding the best answer to the puzzle #368 is an actual challenge for players from all over the world. players. Therefore, a list is provided below to assist players in finding the correct answer.

  • Aulas
  • Aulic
  • Aulls
  • Aulds
  • Aulos
  • Auloi
  • Sault
  • Baulk
  • Cauls
  • Shaul
  • Miaul

These are a few words that contain AUL. But, the list might not contain the right combination of words to solve the puzzle #368. This is why you need to make use of the clues below.

The Clues to Find 5 Letter Word With Aul!

If you’re familiar with how to play the online game of puzzles, you are likely aware that you can locate answers fast using online clues and tips. This list of clues has been created below to assist you in finding the correct combination of letters that will reveal the five letter words that contain A, U, and L.

  • The five-letter word that is the answer to the riddle #368 is an adjective.
  • The word is not a duplicate of letters
  • The word is composed of A, U, and L.
  • The word”disappointment” refers to extremely unpleasant and terrible experiences.

On the basis of these clues, answer to #368 is not AWFUL. This list of 5 letter words ending with Aul does not have the correct answer since the answer is AWFUL. Also, the letter of A, U A, L and U are arranged differently.

Why are people searching for words that begin With AUL?

Wordle #368 challenges players to identify five-letter words that contain AUL. The letter A, U and L are not grouped together. A, U, and L aren’t grouped in the beginning, the end or middle. This creates confusion. The players must figure out the five letter word that has these letters.

All players began looking for an answer to the question Five Letter Words Beginning with Aul but without realizing that the answer is comprised of these letters, however they’re not put together.

The solution for riddle #3868 is not a good one and is composed of all three letters A, U, and L, however in different locations.


Wordl e Puzzle Wordl e Puzzle has released a quiz on June 22nd, 2022, where participants are asked to find a word with five letters with the letter AUL. After the announcement of question #368 everyone began searching for the words that contain AUL.

However, the game asks us to identify the five letter words that contain Aul and the answer is not AWFUL. The word is AUL however, in various places and not at the beginning, end or middle. Therefore, it is important not to be confused.

What’s your take on the riddle #3868? Do you have a solution? Share it in the comments section.

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