5 Insurance Marketing Ideas to Drive Revenue

There are thousands of insurance companies offering their services to people online, and it can be hard to compete with all of them. When trying to market your business and gain clients, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to reach your audience.

You don’t have to scratch your head figuring out what you can do anymore. If you want to grow your clientele and drive revenue for your insurance company, here are five marketing ideas you can use to help grow your business.

1. Increase Search Engine Visibility

When looking for a business to fit their needs, many people start with a search engine. This means that search engine optimization (SEO) is a key marketing strategy for insurance companies looking to increase website visibility.

Two things to consider are: 


Include keywords in your title tag and meta description. This will go a long way when it comes to SEO. This helps algorithms in search engines determine the relevancy of your site when people are searching for something. Consider how someone may search for a site like yours when choosing keywords.

Quick Loading

Make sure your site loads quickly. People can be impatient and don’t want to spend time watching a page load. If it takes too long, they may leave your website in search of one that will load quicker. To keep people on your page, don’t make them wait for it.

2. Review Management

The best way to know what people are saying about your company is by looking at reviews. These are a very important part of growing your business because they not only provide you with feedback, but they inform other potential customers about the quality of your business.

When it comes to this aspect of your business, you should:

Ask people for Reviews

Limited reviews may deter people from using your agency. If you don’t have many, it can never hurt to ask for them. This will provide feedback for you as well as give insight to potential customers and let them know that people are using your agency.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews will let current and potential customers know that you are interested in what they have to say. Whether a positive or negative review, it’s important to respond to them. This shows that you appreciate feedback, no matter the kind, and are willing to fix any issues people may have.

3. Advertise on Social Media

If you are going to advertise, you should consider starting with social media. Whether running your own account to reach your audience or using user data and having ads appear in people’s feed, social media is a must when it comes to growing your agency.

When advertising on social media, consider the following components: 

Target Audience

You need to remember who your target audience is. As an insurance agency, you will have a wider array of possible clients than many other businesses. Instead of using characteristics such as age or gender to inform how you interact with your audience, think about their buying habits and hobbies instead.

Spend Time on Your Visuals

Social media is very image oriented and you need to remember that when creating your visuals. Try and make sure they stand out so they catch people’s eye. The hardest part is getting people to stop scrolling and look, so make sure your ad gives them a reason to. 

4. Invest in Your Website 

How your website is perceived by potential customers will most definitely inform how they perceive your company as a whole. Spend time on your website to make sure it not only works well and is easy to use but looks nice too. A few ways to do this are listed below. 

Choose a Color Scheme for Your Business

Be sure to come up with a color scheme that reflects your business and use that for your site. Being able to associate certain colors with a business will help it stand out and make it memorable.

Ensure It Is Easy to Navigate

Make sure it is clear where everything is located on your website. If it isn’t easy for people to find what they are looking for on your site, they may move to another one. Having a site that is easy to navigate will allow users to access what they need quicker, making it more likely for them to continue using it. 

5. Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get information out to any prospective customers. It lets them know about deals and promotions that may draw them into using your agency. The best ways to utilize email marketing are to follow. 

Entice Potential Customers Through Calls to Action (CTAs)

When seeing an insurance email, people may simply click through it to get it out of the way. Having a call to action that catches people’s eye like “Get your free quote” will increase the likelihood they look more thoroughly at the whole email.

Personalize Emails

The same generic email may share content that is absolutely useless to some people. By considering people’s interests and needs in emails, you can be sure that you are providing them with the most helpful information.

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Don’t think that you can’t grow your insurance company. These insurance marketing ideas will help you increase your client list and drive your revenue over time. For assistance in developing your strategy, contact 321 Web Marketing for a consultation today!

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