32M Luxury Goods Scam {July 2022} Check Useful Information!

This article discusses the recent fraud case 32M Luxury Goods Scam and also briefly describes the incident.

Did you hear about the 32 M Luxury scam? The investigation team discovered fraud in South-East of Singapore. Although the police have identified the perpetrators, the investigation team continues to search for clues.

Many people have been affected by this scam and want to learn more about it. This article will discuss the scam and offer some suggestions about the 32M Luxury Goods Scam.

What do you know about the 32M Luxury?

Pansuk Siriwipa and Pi Jiapeng are the masterminds of this fraud. Pi Jiapeng is now a citizen Singapore, while the woman is from another South-East country, Thailand. The Hollywood movie failed to make the story.

They used to go to the exclusive restaurant. These masterminds dined at these restaurants with wealthy guests. Pamuk was known for making friends with wealthy people by using disguises to involve them. They invited them to their private property for a visit.

32M Scam Next Step

Pansuk and Pi told the visitors that they owned a large property in Holland Grove. According to their story, it’s a three-story building that houses four world-renowned, expensive cars. They also used expensive watches and branded clothing. Pi and Pansuk approached visitors to sell the expensive watches and received an advance.

The victims paid for the transportation but did not receive the delivery. Finally, victims filed a complaint against the perpetrators in June 2022. The police investigated the matter and both were arrested.

32M Luxury Goods Scam Latest Status of the Case

Luxury items cost 32 million dollars. The first local police officers to identify Pi and Pansuk, and begin an investigation into them. On 27 June 2022, police arrested Pi. Pi was arrested by police on 27 June 2022. However, he was released after being granted bail. The police were unable to locate the couple after that day.

The police took their passports in the meantime. The police did not know anything about Pi. But the police didn’t know anything about Pi.

The Most Recent Update

Interpol has now been contacted by the police. Interpol issued a “Red Notice” against both of them. Police have not been able to locate Siriwipa since the 30th of June 2022. Police have received 180 complaints and issued a warrant.

Police also established a Hotline number 1800-255-0000 (or 65 6255-0000 for callers from other countries) to solicit help from the public. Police also created a website for the couple.


The investigation continues. Many people are unhappy with the 32M Luxury Goods Scam investigation. All data is accurate and comes from reliable sources. For more information, you can visit the link. Let us know your thoughts about the investigation. Comment, please.

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