2k23 Pre Order Gamestop {July} Check The New Version Details!

This article discusses the 2k23 pre Order Gamestop and more about the game. Find out more about this game below.

Do you want to learn more the details of NBA 2K23? Are you looking to get involved in this game? If yes then this article is ideal for you.

The people of all over the United States are anxiously waiting to purchase this game. They are planning to purchase a different edition of the game. If you want to play and buy it, then you need to be aware of 2k23 Pre-Order Gamestop. Check out this article to learn what the games are all about.

What is the Pre Order in NBA 2k23?

Recently, it was reported the fact that NBA 2k23 would release on September 9th 2022. The New version of the game will feature several athletes based on different version that the game comes with. Whatever the version the pre-ordering process will allow you to get some bonuses. These bonuses comprise virtual currencies, My Team points to increase your career skills and a free agent card from Devin Booker, and MyTeam Promo Packs. Every edition of the game provides bonuses that are digital. Everyone is eagerly awaiting NBA 2k23 Michael Jordan Edition.

Some Important Features

NBA 2k23 has the shooting guardsman from Phoenix Sun on the cover. There are Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions. PS4 as well as Xbox One versions can be played on PS5 or Xbox Series. The features that are next-gen are only available via specific versions of the next-gen version for PS5 or Xbox Series. It is not possible to upgrade for free to PS4 or Xbox One to PS5 as well as Xbox One to Xbox Series using the regular edition. There are a handful of editions that like Digital Deluxe, Michael Jordan and Championship contain each version of the game.

2k23 Pre Order Gamestop

In the Digital Deluxe edition it will give you an access to the game NBA 2k23 for both generation. It is the most affordable way to upgrade from a previous console to a newer model just by paying $10. Because of there are only PS5 as well as Xbox Series X|S versions are not available, you’ll have to pay $69.99. This Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the digital bonus of MyTeam Points, MyTeam Tokens, MyTeam Promo Packs, one optional option pack that includes agents, Jordan shoes of diamond and Ruby Coach Card. My Career benefits consist of my Career ability boost, 1 hours Double XP Coin, four Cover Star T-Shirts, 1 backpack along with arm sleeves. These bonuses are only available by ordering 2k23’s pre Order Gamestop.

About Different Editions

There are three NBA 2k23 editions. These include WNBA, Michael Jordan, and Championship Edition. WNBA edition includes Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi on the cover. The edition also includes additional bonuses such as one Sue Bird Jersey and 1 Diana Taurasi Jersey. The title suggests it is Michael Jordan is covered in the NBA 2k23 edition. Michael Jordan. NBA 2K23 Championship edition comes with a 12 month payment to NBA League Pass.


A lot of people are keen to play NBA 2k23. However, the majority of them do not know about the new features and bonus features. If you’re considering buying the game and playing it then you must consider the 2k23 Pre-Order Gamestop to get bonuses. To find out more you can visit this link.

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