14 Year Old Boy Falls From Ride Video {March} Must Read Here!

This article focuses on the tragic fall of a fourteen-year-old boy from a ride video. It also discusses its aftermath.

Are you familiar with the Orlando ride incident? The tragic accident resulted in the death of a fourteen-year-old boy. It happened in Orlando, United States. Officials from the city have already confirmed that fourteen boys died.

On Thursday, the city officials visit the park. The park is situated in the famous tourist spot. According to the official report, the boy lost his balance after he fell from a free fall ride.

Many people also watched the 14-year-old boy fall from ride video.

What was the Incident?

It took place at 11:11 pm local time. Sampson was the name of the 14-year-old boy. Sampson took the ride with his friends. Sampson fell from the ride just minutes later. The victim was then taken to the Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Sampson later died at the hospital. Sampson was initially not disclosed by the local police. The incident gained momentum after a viral video was released. The video was even seen by many people in Canada, and the United Kingdom who watched it on social media.

A 14-year-old boy falls from a ride video. -The Aftermath

The Sheriff’s office immediately begins an investigation after the incident. Officials from the Sheriff’s Office immediately visited the park. They also interviewed the park authority. The park was opened in the midst of last year. According to the team of investigators, the park is one the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

It is also known for its free-fall rides. The incident is also being investigated by another angel by the police. Investigators also investigate whether anyone was involved in the incident.

However, for now, officials are not revealing any details about the investigation.

A 14-year-old boy falls from a ride video. – Latest Update

Many riders have expressed dissatisfaction about the security of their ride. The park authority has already stated that such concerns are not present. Before the ride began, the seat was locked. The Orange Country Police are now able to identify the location of the victim.

Sheriff John Mina declared Friday that the boy’s full name was Tyre Sampson. Sampson was a Missouri citizen. Sampson arrived in Missouri to visit family and friends. The boy was faced with a terrible incident.

People feel very sorry for the 14-year-old boy who fell from a ride video.

What is Trending in the News?

Because the viral video has gone viral on social media, this news is now trending. Many people saw the video and felt very sorry for this tragic incident. The tragic incident was also reported by many news media.


It is well-known for its free-standing rides. The ride travels 75 miles an hour. It is almost 430 feet high. It can accommodate up to 30 passengers. The police from the city have held a press conference to update the public on the case of a 14-year-old boy who fell from the ride video.

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